the digital divide

Close the Gap and BeCode are now partners!

We share the same values, we share the same interests and goals, so it’s just natural that we decided to join forces for a greater impact!

Close the Gap believes access to ICT is crucial to empower disadvantaged communities, and increase their chances in the job market. Like Close the Gap, BeCode is also supporting disadvantaged people, providing them with IT skills to also have a better chance in the job market. Indeed, BeCode is a free coding school based in Belgium, developed by a group of people, companies and associations passionate about technology, convinced that every motivated person must have the opportunity to learn to code and find a job. BeCode offers a second chance to people that are currently unemployed and left behind: the initiative offers six months long training programs to get the ‘students’ ready for the professional job market.

As part of the partnership and support to BeCode, Close the Gap will provided all the IT equipment necessary to the coding schools, with the support of DNS Belgium. Only a creative and inclusive society will provide an answer to some of the challenges that we are experiencing across the world. Anyone with drive and motivation could and should get a chance to acquire basic digital and coding skills, and build a profession. There is no right or wrong background, and current skills or (lack of) degree do not matter. This is all about motivated people finding a job through digital skills.