the digital divide

Close the Gap on mission in Ghana

At the beginning of October, Close the Gap’s Project Manager, Aurély Luzolele travelled 10 days to Ghana to visit different projects and organisations, which mission is to provide access to ICT in schools. One of the highlights of this mission was the visit to Close the Gap’s service partners, Savana Signatures (SavSign) and Africa ICT Right. Savana Signatures aims to equip youth, women and vulnerable groups with ICT skills for their personal and professional development through the innovative use of ICT. SavSign promotes a society where relevant information, knowledge and skills for development are enhanced by equal access to and use of ICT. Africa ICT Right was established in roder to use ICT tools to address critical national problems pertaining to the education, gender and health in Ghana. The Savana Signature’s team and Africa ICT Right’s team accompanied Aurély to visit a school and a computer center in Tamale:

  • St John’s of the Cross School complex – Primary school with Savana Signatures

This primary school, located in Tamale, Ghana has received computers from one of Close the Gap’s Strategic Partner, Essent. Thanks to the opportunity to access those computers, children at an early age can already start playing with the mouse and identify the keys on the keyboard to familiarize themselves with the working of computers. The schools offers two hours IT lessons twice a week.

  • Darul Hadis Junior High School – GTech Center with Africa ICT Right

The high school uses a computer lab located in Tamale that consists of 14 computers donated by different parties and run by Africa ICT Right. Each class counts with more than 45 pupils. Despite the limited number of computers per student, the Center still manages to do a great job and offers basic ICT training to its pupils, including coding courses.

Aurély visited many schools that received computer assets though Close the Gap. Our mission has a real impact in children that live in developing countries. Access to ICT is  not only key to have access to information and become more knowledgeable, but also to learn and gain IT skills that will allow the young adults to find the job they dream of. If you wish to donate you used IT assets, contact us any time.