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Close the Gap is governed by an independent Board of Directors and its primary function is to give advice and make recommendations to the Managing Director. Close the Gap’s Board of Recommendation consists of eminent people willing to vouch for and recommend Close the Gap within their networks. Close the Gap’s counsellors use their expertise and networks to support Close the Gap in further developing projects and partnerships. The duties and responsibilities vary greatly, depending on the counsellor’s speciality.

Willem Lageweg

Mr. Willem Lageweg

Willem Lageweg is the CEO of MVO Nederland (CSR The Netherlands), the leading CSR knowledge and network organisation in The Netherlands. With over 2,100 affiliated companies MVO Nederland is the largest CSR network in Europe. Lageweg is a member of the International CSR committee of the Social Economic Council, chairman of the social enterprise Women on Wings, and member of several advisory committees and CSR jury’s. He is closely connected with a number CSR initiatives in Kenya

Mrs. Alessandra Sepul

Member of the technical committee at Close the Gap, Mrs. Azcarraga Sepul assists the management of Close the Gap in developing environmentally-friendly technology and challenging Close the Gap’s solutions in terms of green ICT hardware and software solutions for developing countries. Mrs. Azcarraga Sepul is also a founder of Avalon Studios and Avalon Network.

Wim Blonk

Prof. em. Dr. Wim A. G. Blonk, President

Since 2002, Prof. Blonk has been actively involved in the creation of Close the Gap. Since its creation, he has been Chairman of the Board of Directors at Close the Gap. He retired in 1999 from the EU Commission as Honorary Director General and in 2004 he retired as Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Prof. Blonk is personally involved in projects for disabled children in Tanzania, Malawi and North India (Ladakh).

Michel De Brauwer

Mr. Michel De Brauwer

President and CEO of the Pietercil Group N.V., an international sales and marketing company located in Belgium, Mr. De Brauwer is a member of the audit & budget committee at Close the Gap. On top of being a board member of several non-profit organisations in Belgium, Mr. De Brauwer has been elected President of the European Sales and Marketing Association (ESMA). He is also a founding

member of the Flemish Business Club “De Warande” in Belgium. Mr. De Brauwer is currently a member of the Board of Teisseire fruit syrup company (based in France, as a part of Britvic International Plc).

Mr. André Bontems

Television Systems Engineer and a member of the technical committee at Close the Gap, Mr. Bontems helps develop new technologies that consume less energy and are an alternative source of power within ICT4Development. He is also a founder of Avalon Studios and Avalon Network.

2011 photo retravaillée

Mr. Olivier Vanden Eynde, Founder and Managing Director Close the Gap

Mr. Vanden Eynde founded Close the Gap in September 2003 at the Solvay Business School, as a mini-enterprise and spin-off of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Since the start, Mr. Vanden Eynde has been the Managing Director of Close the Gap. He is also the founder and Managing Director of WorldLoop, an organisation that focuses on sound e-waste solutions in developing countries.

Guido vandervorst

Mr. Guido Vandervorst

Managing partner of the Enterprise Risk Services division and Innovation within Deloitte Belgium, Mr. Vandervorst focuses on internal audit and control services, CFO services, forensic services and ICT. Mr. Vandervorst is a member of the audit & budget committee at Close the Gap.