the digital divide


Close the Gap is governed by an independent Board of Directors and its primary function is to give advice and make recommendations to the Managing Director. Close the Gap’s Board of Recommendation consists of eminent people willing to vouch for and recommend Close the Gap within their networks. Close the Gap’s counsellors use their expertise and networks to support Close the Gap in further developing projects and partnerships. The duties and responsibilities vary greatly, depending on the counsellor’s speciality.

Milika Nation

Milika Nation

Social Media Intern

‘Working as an Intern for Close the Gap & WorldLoop, I have been given the opportunity to witness first-hand operations of two respective NGO’s sharing passions for ICT in development and sustainable E-waste practices. Working in communications and social media has allowed me the opportunity to learn and promote current projects in real-time and be part of a driven, dynamic team. ‘


Mr. Marnick Vanlee

Projects Assistant 

“Close the Gap continuously helps social entrepreneurs develop valuable business models and allows daily access to digital media for thousands of underprivileged youths. Contributing to that mission gives me the opportunity to have real impact and that stimulates me to commit myself fully towards our partners and beneficiaries.”


Ms. Marie Verbreyt

Personal assistant to Olivier vanden Eynde

“I’m proud to join the team of Close the Gap/ Worldloop that exists for 10 years now! Thanks to the multiple ICT donations, it allows the most disadvantaged people in the non-industrial countries of the South to expand their IT knowledge, it is most rewarding for me to be able participating in such humanitarian activity!”


Ms. Isabelle Servant

Communications Coordinator

“Being part of Close the Gap gives me the opportunity to have a real positive impact on improving people’s lives by contributing to bridge the digital divide. It is an honour to be part of this organisation and be involved in reaching its goals.”


Mrs. Inge Knapen

Operations Director

“To contribute to employment creation and help build an economy, we need to develop sustainable business models that maximizes return with the highest development impact, using the computer as the carrier of services.”


Mr. Peter Manderick

Head of Projects

“Being able, from a very young age, to build up  ICT skills that are widely required today and as a consequence enjoy the benefits of ICT’s in all aspects of today’s society I started working at Close the Gap driven by the motivation to share opportunities with people in less advantaged communities. After more than 6 years of developing projects with local partners I still feel that our contributions are always highly appreciated by those partners and create a lasting impact in the lives of the millions that we’ve reached so far.”


Mr. Olivier Vanden Eynde

Founder and Managing Director

“Close the Gap has been an adventure since the very beginning, where all our partners, supporters and friends are shaping this adventure into a sustainable journey, constantly trying to excel. Our team’s dedication and the fruitful collaboration with our service partners is making the difference every day.”