the digital divide is a non-profit organisation founded by Agoria, BELTUG and ISPA, and its mission is to register .be domain names, make the Internet more accessible and encourage its use. This means helping to close the digital divide among disadvantaged groups as well as stimulating the digital economy.

DNS has been supporting Close the Gap financially since 2009. Overall, has allocated a fund that would provide 20,000 computers over five years for educational projects in Belgium and in the East African Community.

“A large part of the population is still not able to participate in the digital information highway known as the Internet. is convinced, however, that the general evolution of  society will be enhanced if everyone is given the same opportunities. Ever since our foundation, we have provided these opportunities through small-scale initiatives. Since 2008 we have entered into a major partnership with Close the Gap. This partnership has enabled to transform the Corporate Social Responsibility part of its mission into a strategic and operational plan that can be carried out meticulously.

As part of our efforts to support this programme, in September 2011 we organised “Bike to Close the Gap”. This is a cycling event in which ICT staff, sponsored by their own companies, attempt to climb the famous Paterberg in Kluisbergen. The main aim of the event was to take our collaboration with Close the Gap a step further by providing a recurring inflow of cash for Close the Gap. It was the event’s first edition, but despite the poor weather it was a great success: very few last-minute cancellations, an excellent ambiance and we collected nearly
€ 35,000 for Close the Gap.”  Mr. Philip Du Bois, CEO