the digital divide

MVO Nederland / CSR Netherlands

MVO Nederland / CSR Netherlands is the Centre of Excellence for Dutch companies that are striving towards corporate social responsibility. With over 2,100 affiliated companies, MVO Nederland is the largest CSR network
in Europe.

They are developing a dynamic and fast-growing business network comprised of members as diverse as beginners, advanced users and leaders, small and medium-sized enterprises and corporate giants. MVO Nederland / CSR Netherlands shows the market opportunities that CSR offers, facilitates mutual collaboration and provides useful information on applying CSR in practice.

“Close the Gap and WorldLoop are leading examples of the two things that society may expect from 21st century businesses: a strong and inspiring mission which make very clear what the company want to contribute to  make the world a better place and a professional internal organisation focusing on efficient use of resources and close cooperation with business partners and other stakeholders.”

Mr. Willem Lageweg
Director MVO Netherlands