the digital divide

Out Of Office

Because the way we do our work is changing, Out Of Office developed and implemented for Close the Gap a new way of working that stimulates interaction and collaboration, sharing information and knowledge, creativity and innovation.

Technological developments such as Internet, laptops, smartphones and “cloud services” enable people to work independent of time and place. These developments change the way we gather and share information and knowledge, the cultures within large and small corporations as well as our personal work/life balance. It no longer matters where, when and with whom one works, as long as the work gets done within the set time and with the required results.

One of the trends for the coming decade is individualisation. More and more people are taking charge of their work and are seeking the freedom, trust, flexibility and own sense of responsibility to carry out their work as they see fit. This creates more engagement, higher performance, passion, pride and pleasure at work.

Another trend we see is connectedness. People choose on the one hand for flexibility and freedom but on the other hand they are seeking a sense of interconnectedness. They want to share knowledge and experiences with others and look for connectedness in offline and online communities which mutually encourages creativity, innovation and collaboration. The relationships between managers, employees and customers is coming to be viewed differently as a result.