the digital divide

Fund Isaan

In Thailand over 600.000 children never get a chance to see the inside of a classroom. Combined with the poor quality of education provided, resulting from overcrowded classrooms to insufficient trained and untrained teachers, this causes a high dropout. Due to this fact an important number of children leave school at an early age to become maids,  factory workers or worse, they end up in prostitution. Therefore the partnership between Deloitte, e-Learning for Kids and Close the Gap offers a unique solution to bring about a true change to the lives of these children. By providing the Prasat Thanong School with decent tools and infrastructure, i.e. classrooms and computers preloaded with educational software, over 500 children from 12 neighboring villages get the chance to receive a decent local education and improve their lives and future development. Thanks to the e-Learning for Kids software these children can now counter the poor quality of the education, learn at their own pace and work towards the realization of their dreams.

Project adopter: Deloitte

Supporting partner: E-learning for Kids

Sector: Youth Care

Equipment:  614 computer assets

Year: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Country: Thailand

Fund Isaan

Fund Isaan