the digital divide

Affordable Computers and Technology for Tanzania

Affordable Computers and Technology for Tanzania (ACTT) is Close the Gap’s service partner in Tanzania. ACTT provides computers, computer labs, apprenticeships, IT training, and PC maintenance skills to Tanzania’s young people, while simultaneously generating income for the Mkombozi youth residential centre in Moshi.

Please visit ACTT’s facebook page to see the pictures and the excitement of all who benefited in the support.

Quality education is key to a developed economy. Modern teaching tools, including computers, are key to quality education. With less than 5% of Tanzanian schools having computers, the ICT dream is still a long way off, but we believe that together we can change that. We at ACTT, in partnership with Close the Gap and with huge support from Rabobank in 2012, are geared towards making big changes and enhancing learning by supporting schools to set up computer labs. Since our collaboration, we have made big strides with the support of seven educational centres and schools. We are looking forward to reaching even more school and educational programmes, and our goal is to ensure effective and sustainable use of these resources, including support with educational software as well as teacher training and maintenance services.” Mr. Robert Mafie, Director ACTT