the digital divide


The Flemish Interuniversity Council for University Cooperation for Development supports research and higher education institutions in the South through partnerships with Flemish universities and non-university higher education institutions. VLIR-UOS’ specific objectives are to improve the capacity of institutions in the South in order to empower them to better fulfil their societal role. For a period of more than 5 years, VLIR-UOS’ partner institutions in the South have received thousands of computers in the framework of VLIR-UOS funded projets, and have trained the local staff to use them. In this context, Close the Gap computers have been sent to projects in for example Cuba, Kenya, South-Africa, Zambia or Zimbabwe, both to universities and to non-profit actors in society, like hospitals, community libraries …

Apart from this programme, the partnership with VLIR-UOS has also been communicated towards VLIR-UOS’ partner institutions and their network in the South. As a result, partner universities of VLIR-UOS in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Congo and South-Africa have received computer equipment directly through Close the Gap.


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