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Donate computers

Close the Gap collects high-quality used IT equipment from European companies and organisations. The equipment is collected in a professional way and at no cost to the donor.
Close the gap organises the collection of A-brand used equipment if it complies with the following conditions:


We can collaborate starting with a minimum volume of about 30 asset donations (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, Multi Functional Printers, server and network equipment, desktops, screens, etc.). The computers preferably come from the same batch of equipment. Not only does this allow us to provide a project with same-specification computers, but it also saves on overhead costs. Close the Gap takes care of the collection, transport, refurbishment and possible recycling costs as well as the subsequent reporting costs.


We work on the basis of evolving minimum specification requirements, which are currently:

Desktops: Pentium IV 3.0Ghz
Screens: 15” TFT flat screens
Laptops: Pentium Centrino 1.6 GHz
Printers: laser jet
Smartphones and tablets
Networking equipment: 
routers, servers,…
Thin-Client workstations

The digital divide will not be bridged by sending obsolete equipment to the South and we are committed to providing beneficiary projects with high-performance equipment only. However, we are aware that it is not easy for companies to multiply initiatives when it comes to renewing and recycling their computer equipment and we are ready to collect a certain amount of equipment that does not comply with our minimum specifications, depending on the volume and overall quality of the donation.

Please note that there are special packing instructions to comply to.

The refurbishing process

Once the equipment is collected, Close the Gap works with its refurbishment partner Arrow Value Recovery, formerly known as Flection, to start the refurbishing process. Arrow cleans the assets, repairs them and erases all the data on the hard drive disks using Blancco solutions. Arrow also takes care of the recycling of assets that cannot be reused.

About six weeks after the collection, each donor receives a full status report indicating the quality of each donated asset, listed according to its original serial number and tracking number – if used. The data wipe and any destruction certificates are also sent.

Your company wishes to donate its computers and become a friend of Close the Gap

If you wish to donate ICT equipment to Close the Gap, please send a list to or call +32(0)2.614.81.59 indicating the number of assets and their specifications, so that we can assess if we can handle this donation. If we can, it takes about 10 working days to organise the collection at your premises. Collections can be organised in many European locations.

Companies that have donated their computers to Close the Gap

Terms and conditions

Please find here Close the Gap’s Terms and Conditions for computer donations to Close the Gap in EnglishFrench and in Dutch.