the digital divide

The DIGI TRUCK – Mobile IT Unit makes it’s first stop at VUB Campus



Earlier this year, Close the Gap announced the intention to create a completely mobile, completely grid-independent IT unit that could withstand even the toughest heat sub-Saharan Africa has to offer. And now Close the Gap, with the help of its partners ARROW, CharITy, KLM and WorldLoop is proud to announce that the DIGI TRUCK is here (and by here we mean sitting in the grass at Vrije University).

 ICT4D projects are dependent on the electricity grid, the DIGI TRUCK removes this dependency strengthening computer skills in vulnerable communities.


  • A mobile IT Classroom in a 40’ container
  • Reaches the most remote areas in Africa who don’t have access to electricity
  • Capable to run 100% off solar power or be connected to the grid
  • Completely secure with double steel doors and window shutters with bolts
  • Triple insulation against the heat


  • 20 fully configured laptops
  • 1 LED screen
  • 1 printer
  • 2 routers
  • LED lights
  • Space for 18 students at a time

The DIGI TRUCK will land IN-COUNTRY at the beginning of 2015 and start making an impact for the most vulnerable youths in rural areas, many who have never seen a computer before…

  • ICT-4-Education: Given the chance to get familiar with basic IT skills we so often take for granted such as typing, Microsoft Office applications and interactive e-learning software application.
  • ICT-4-Health: Bringing digitized First Aid e-learning programmes to bring basic first-aid training to rural communities, particularly their vulnerable youth.

Why ICT in Rural Communities:

  • 75% of Africans are living in rural communities.
  • Only 46% of students from rural schools qualify for secondary shool due to low quality primary school.
  • The use of ICT in education aims to improves the quality of teaching and teaching as well as democratizing access to education.
  • The ability to perform basic First Aid can reduce life-threatening health risks such as infections and choking.
  • Rural incomes increase with the use of ICTs to access knowledge and information.

The top of the DIGI TRUCK, complete with 10 solar panels.


A peak inside the DIGI TRUCK, when set up as a computer lab.


Partners Close the Gap and WorldLoop having a brainstorming meeting inside the DIGI TRUCK