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Kindling…. the D4D-Be online platform
Inspired by our logo, Kindling refers to the small wooden sticks essential to ignite a campfire.   In the D4D-Be context, is The online meeting place where partnerships are ignited between the private sector and actors in the Belgian Development Cooperation.

Kindling’s goal is to help you be informed, inspired and collaborate on Digital 4 Development.

What can you do on currently?

Post relevant events, share and comment content, consult the database of over 100 existing D4D projects, find potential partners or organizations active in D4D and their respective pitches (from the private and non-profit sector)

And in the near future?

You’ll use a “pitch” form to make it easier to find a partner.

  • as non-profit, to describe a specific local need or problem (in all possible sectors) that could be tackled with a digital solution
  • as a private sector company, to describe your digital expertise that could help make an impact by solving a problem in development cooperation

Once you have identified potential partners, we can set up a private collaboration space for you around a project or topic.

Need help?

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