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E-waste offsetting

Whether reconditioned or not, ICT equipment can pose a serious environmental threat when it reaches its end-of life. While much of the Western world has the necessary infrastructure and regulatory support to oversee proper management of e-waste, the developing world often lacks the expertise and infrastructure needed to do this.

That’s why in 2009 Close the Gap launched WorldLoop, a public-private partnership to facilitate the creation of an environmentally sound e-waste management system in developing countries. Today, WorldLoop supports the end-of-life management of ICT equipment in different African countries. It strives to achieve its mission – to reduce the negative environmental impact of end-of-life ICT equipment – by helping to create accessible, environmentally sound, socially responsible and sustainable e-waste recycling solutions, and ultimately turning e-waste into a sustainable economic resource.

Supporters of Close the Gap can also offset their IT donations and reduce carbon emission by support the sustainable end-of-life management of the assets while promoting local job creation and protecting the environment by participating in the e-Resource Certificate Programme.

For every 1 ton of e-waste collected and properly recycled, 1.44 tons of CO2 emissions are avoided (external link).

The e-Resource Certificate Programme ensures that ALL e-waste fractions, both valuable and hazardous, end up in proper treatment streams. Certificate funds as the mechanism to make this happen, going towards:

  • Seed capital to local entrepreneurs in developing countries to start up e-waste collection and dismantling activities
  • Driving local e-waste awareness raising and collection campaigns
  • Ensuring the highest standards are met for training, environmental compliance, and business management
  • Ensuring 100% environmentally sound treatment of all e-waste fractions

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